By now, it’s not much of a secret that CBD may provide the body with a whole host of unique health and wellness benefits. CBD may calm the mind, body, and so much more, and new benefits are being discovered every day.
If you’re looking for a way to enhance the effectiveness of your workouts, CBD may be the answer—but do you know how to use CBD pre-workout or how to use CBD post-workout? Here’s how you can make the most of this healthy supplement.

Using CBD before a workout

If you want to get a serious workout in, you need to be in the perfect mindset and feel well enough to perform at your best. Many athletes, and even the average person visiting the gym, are finding that CBD taken orally or topically may provide an extra edge that makes every workout that much more effective. Here’s how to use CBD pre-workout:

  • Promote mobility: Studies have shown that CBD improves mobility for people with multiple sclerosis and other serious diseases. Many people who work out start to feel sore before they reach their goals, but because CBD promotes mobility and helps fight inflammation, using it pre-workout can alleviate those symptoms and help you push harder.
  • Fight anxiety: Even experienced athletes can get pre-workout jitters. CBD may be an incredibly calming compound that can help you de-stress and focus on the task at hand. Whether you’re trying to achieve your personal best or you’re worried about looking out of practice on a certain weight machine, CBD can potentially soothe your nerves and help your performance.

Using CBD after a workout

After a grueling workout, your body needs to repair itself. If you’ve worked yourself hard enough, your muscles respond to the stress with inflammation. CBD may directly counter inflammation to help you recover faster. Here’s how to use CBD post-workout:

  • Sleep aid: Sleep is crucially important after a long workout. It helps your body recover after a day at the gym, restoring immune, nervous, skeletal and muscular systems. CBD could assist as a sleep aid, helping you fall asleep and stay asleep longer without the groggy, hungover feeling you get from prescription sleeping medications and even some over-the-counter remedies. CBD provides an all-natural way to promote healthy, restorative sleep.
  • Muscle recovery: Many athletes have discovered the benefits of CBD for muscle recovery. According to recent studies, CBD after a workout helps relieve delayed onset muscle soreness and exercise-induced muscle damage. In other words, it helps to relieve your body from potential muscle pain, aches and inflammation. You can take CBD orally or topically to experience these muscle soreness relieving benefits.

There may be multiple advantages that come from adding CBD to your daily routine. Explore the benefits of CBD for muscle recovery, sleep, mobility and more by contacting the experts at Serym Pro today. We’re ready to be trusted partners in your health and fitness regimen, guiding you to the products that are right for you and helping you to make the most of your workouts.