One of the best things about salves – and one of the reasons we assume it’s so popular – is that they can be applied locally for precise accuracy. Unlike oils, soft gels, or other ingestible products, our CBD salve doesn’t have to be metabolized through the digestion system first (in fact, we wouldn’t recommend ingesting our CBD salve at all).

Whether you’re looking for something that may provide you with better muscle support or simply additional moisture for your skin, our CBD salve is packed with the ingredients that could help. Aiming to go above and beyond the normal standards of the industry, we strive to not only “say” that we’re going to provide the highest quality – we strive to prove it.

We prove it by ensuring every batch of CBD salve, plus our other products, is tested through a third-party, independent lab before it ever arrives at your door. This ensures beyond a shadow of a doubt that our products are safe, and the cannabinoid content level is accurate – for both CBD and THC. Broad-spectrum, you can feel confident when you see our lab results indicate there are non-detectable levels of THC in each batch.

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