Veterinarian-formulated with man’s best friend in mind, our CBD dog treats contain the same proprietary formulas that we use for our other products – which means they’re tested to ensure they’re free of THC. Through an independent, third-party lab, our CBD dog treats contain non-detectable levels of THC, but they’re rich in all the cannabinoids and other hemp compounds your furry friend can enjoy.

Going beyond veterinarian-formulated, our dog treats are also dog-approved, as members of our community learn time and time again. Your pup deserves the same overall support and general wellness that CBD products can provide us, and since they have endocannabinoid systems similar to all other mammals, now your pup can enjoy what they deserve.

Beef flavored to entice your dog to take a bite, the dog treats are premium hemp dog chews, made from a water-soluble hemp powder to make it easy for your pet to munch on. Incorporate our CBD dog treats into your dog’s daily routine today to help promote general wellness and overall health in them.

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Bag of 30 Treats