You’ve probably heard a lot about what CBD oil can do for humans, but do you know how it can help your pets? If you have a dog who suffers from anxiety, CBD oil can help keep them calm. Whether they struggle with being separated from you, you’re going through a move or they have PTSD from their previous household, dogs can benefit from this safe, natural treatment. Bonus: CBD may also help ease the aging process, improving your dog’s mobility with regular use.

Here are some of the benefits of CBD oil for your pet.

How does CBD oil keep dogs calm?

If you’re new to CBD, you might worry that feeding your dogs CBD oil will get them high. It won’t—CBD doesn’t have any THC, the psychoactive compound responsible for that sensation. Like humans, your dog can safely have CBD oil with no known side effects.

CBD is derived from the hemp plant and has little to no THC. THC is toxic to dogs, but luckily, it’s found in marijuana plants rather than in hemp. You won’t have to worry about your dog getting the munchies—at least not any more so than usual. However, if you have any concerns, you should talk to your vet before giving your dog CDB oil. Look for supplements that have less than 0.3 percent THC—these are suitable for pets.

Like humans, dogs get a soothing, relaxed effect from CBD supplements. You can use oil, specially formulated treats or other methods to help your dog get the relief they need. They probably won’t even notice when it kicks in—but you’ll definitely notice that they seem calmer and more relaxed.

Benefits of CBD oil for your pet

Dealing with a stressed-out dog can be a major challenge. Stressed dogs are more likely to act out, whether that’s through aggressive behaviors or anxious tics. Your dog might bark, growl, chew up forbidden items, over-groom themselves, dig holes or cry for prolonged periods. This makes it difficult when they’re forced to deal with the triggers, like vet visits, thunderstorms, long car rides and other issues.

CBD oil can help relax your pet so they’re better able to deal with these stressors. While groomers and vets are used to anxious dogs, no dog owner wants to come home after work to find their throw pillows, shoes or other personal items destroyed.

Giving your pets CBD oil may also help ease the aging process, especially in the mobility department. Owners report that their dogs find it easier to move and show fewer symptoms of joint problems. If your dog’s playtime has been a little lackluster lately, you may be able to help him feel better with CBD oil.

Should you try CBD oil for your dog?

If your dog is having trouble staying calm, CBD oil can be a great help. Trying oil and other CBD supplements may change their life for the better.

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