People take CBD for many reasons. Some claim it helps them with both chronic pain and anxiety. But does CBD help with nausea? There has been a lot of research conducted on nausea and CBD in addition to how to shop for this type of product. Preliminary research suggests that CBD may help those who have sleep problems, anxiety disorders and certain types of pain.

CBD & Nausea

Most of the research that has been conducted on CBD and nausea focuses on the benefits that it can supply to those with cancer. This is because many who undergo chemotherapy treatments for cancer experience unpleasant side effects, such as nausea and vomiting.

Additionally, animal studies suggest that CBD may help calm nausea since it interacts with serotonin receptors which have an influence on the way you feel.

Even though CBD may contribute to reducing nausea, THC, the main psychoactive component of cannabis, does more when it comes to helping with nausea and vomiting. CBD doesn’t contain much THC.

However, studies also suggest that when people take a combination of THC and CBD, they can receive much-needed relief from nausea and vomiting when taken following chemotherapy.

Chemotherapy has an effect on a person’s appetite as well, and cannabinoids, such as CBD, can also help with that as well.

Types of CBD for Nausea

The question remains, “Does CBD work for nausea?” Since research shows that THC is more effective in reducing nausea than CBD, there are some full-spectrum CBD products on the market today that you may want to purchase to help soothe your nausea.

Full-spectrum CBD contains beneficial cannabinoids that are derived from the cannabis plant. They contain a very small amount of THC, up to 0.3 percent.

When you are shopping for a good CBD product, you’ll want to make sure that you only choose one that is appealing to you. If you are experiencing queasiness, the last thing you’ll want to take is something that will cause you to gag.

For example, if you are having issues with keeping food down, go for an oil or tincture that you can put right under your tongue versus a flavored gummy.

Pros & Cons of CBD for Nausea


  • Very few side effects. Unlike prescription meds, CBD has very few side effects.
  • Can be used for other issues. Besides nausea, CBD can also be used for a variety of other issues, such as chronic pain, particularly pain related to cancer or cancer treatment.


  • It may be difficult to digest. If you experience nausea, it may be difficult for you to take oral CBD products.
  • Appetite changes. It is possible that you may experience a change in your appetite when taking CBD. This can be counterproductive for those who are suffering from nausea.

Final Word

Very little research points to a relation between CBD and nausea relief.

However, there have been reports that indicate CBD may be helpful for those who are receiving chemo treatments and are experiencing nausea as a result.

However, there is very limited evidence and the only FDA-approved drug that contains CBD is Epidiolex, which can reduce seizures in those that suffer from epilepsy.