For people suffering from anxiety, it can be difficult to find a therapy that helps relieve the symptoms with minimal side effects. One of the more recent developments in anxiety treatment is the use of CBD.

Though more study is needed to fully understand it, many people are already using CBD to help relieve anxiety with positive results. There are many benefits of using CBD for anxiety, including relief of symptoms in the short- and long-term.

Here is some more information about CBD and its effects on anxiety symptoms:

Forms of CBD

CBD has many health benefits beyond treating anxiety, and it can be taken in many forms. For anxiety relief, some of the popular forms are oils, capsules, tinctures, sublingual sprays and edibles. You can also smoke or vaporize cannabis flower that is pure CBD with no psychoactive effects, since it does not contain any THC.

The method of ingestion will play a role in determining how quickly the effects are felt. For example, taking CBD orally in forms like edibles, oils or capsules will result in the effects being felt in anywhere between 30 minutes and 2 hours. On the other hand, smoking or vaping CBD will result in the effects being felt almost immediately.

For long-term reduction of anxiety, many people take CBD as they would any other daily. Often, this is in the morning with food.

Benefits and side effects

There are many benefits of CBD for anxiety. Studies have shown that it can help with a variety of anxiety-related disorders, including generalized anxiety, PTSD, obsessive-compulsive, social anxiety and panic. A recent study of nearly 400 individuals published in 2020 showed that all groups reported quality-of-life improvements over three weeks of CBD treatment and that those who received it for anxiety or repression reported improvements in daily functionality with fewer symptoms.

Side effects of CBD are minimal but should still be noted. The side effects include drowsiness, decreased appetite, weight changes and diarrhea. It should also be noted that CBD is not currently regulated by the FDA for anything other than one specific drug used to treat epilepsy.

If you suffer from anxiety, CBD may be a treatment that can help. To get started using CBD to help relieve anxiety, contact Serym Pro today.