CBD Dosing Guidelines

No matter how beneficial CBD oil turns out to be for many mental diseases and issues. If you do not take the right and optimum amount of CBD dosage for your specific condition, it might just not work out for you.

The prescribed CBD dosage guidelines are essential for the desired results. The amount of CBD oil is never specific nor does it have a certain value for every individual. Whether you’re in early 20s or you’re an old-aged person, the prescribed CBD dosage will definitely differ as your life advances. Knowing the exact amount of CBD, you can consume at a given time can significantly affect your results. Read below to learn more about CBD dosage.

Following are a few guidelines that you should keep in mind:

  • Your body mass
  • The medical condition that you want to treat with CBD
  • The amount of CBD in a single tablet, gum or drop
  • Your specific bodily traits

Doctors keep in mind the specific details and medical condition regarding your physical and mental health before prescribing a balanced CBD dosage that you can take every day or per week. Make sure that you are following the plan that your doctor listed down for you. The doctor will definitely give you the right recommendation for the CBD dosage. As you read above, taking an irregular amount of dosage might prove to be ineffective.

In case your doctor does not provide you with a recommendation. You can follow the guidelines below.

Start taking small dosages of CBD

Start slow, you can gradually increase the dosage once you’re comfortable with the current amount and you start noticing eradication of the symptoms. For example, you can start taking 20mg to 40mg of cannabidiol per day, and later increase it by 5mg after every week. If its favorable to your medical condition, continue using it in the same amount. Remember, the maximum amount a person can consume per day is 1500mg. Make sure you do not exceed the limit.

Keep track of your daily CBD consumption. Jot down the daily CBD dosage, this might help you diagnose yourself.

Overdose of CBD

According to research, a human being can control or survive a certain high amount of CBD dosing per day. This means that dosages like 1500mg are bearable by an average human being, but regular intake of high dosage may result in various medical conditions.

A few of the potential side-effects of CBD overdose are as follows:

  • Diarrhea
  • Weight fluctuation
  • Abnormal appetite
  • Fatigue

If you are already using some medication to help out your medical condition, before shifting to CBD, you should consult a doctor. If your doctor recommends CBD dosing, you should strictly follow his recommended dosage without improvising.

If you are looking for an efficient solution to your problem, CBD oil is the best remedy. But as the FDA does not regulate CBD products, you should make sure of buying it from the most credible source. There are several online market places that do not offer the right product, you should try your best to filter out the best source available so that the product is healthy effective in use.

Deciding how to take the dose

There are several methods through which you take CBD dosing. Some of these methods are listed below.

Capsules or Edibles

CBD tablets or capsules are the best available mode for consumption. It is as simple as eating a bar of chocolate. It can be taken with gum or a bar of chocolate. You can enjoy the taste of your food and take your medicine at the same time. This method takes some time before the medicine kicks in. Although the tablet takes time to digest into the bloodstream. It has long-term and sustainable results.


Vaping is the fastest method for CBD dosing, as it shows rapid and immediate results. As you inhale the vapors go to your lungs and enters your bloodstream in no time. This method gives instant results. But on the other hand, it might not be as sustainable as the method mentioned above. Make sure to keep the inhale vapors inside your lungs for some time, before exhaling it. This helps to make the most out of one puff!

Liquid intake

There are drop or tinctures available online, you may check the concentration of CBD in those mixtures before ingesting them. This helps you to take the right amount of dosage and prevent the side effects of the overdose. You are supposed to keep the particular amount of drops under your tongue for about a minute. In this manner, the blood vessels under your tongue initialize the absorption of the medicine instantly. After this step, the drops are swallowed and the rest is up to your digestive system!


The last and the most common method of intake is through smoking. You may add some CBD to your pipe or bong, and smoke it. This is the easiest method to intake CBD dosing, but it is discouraged by a major community of doctors because of the ill-effects of smoking. Moreover, the smoke you exhale contains harmful fumes of pollutants that contribute to major climate-changing problems.

Calculating your Dosage

As you know, CBD comes in many different forms. If you plan to take it in the form of capsules or tablets, the bottle has the amount of CBD present per capsule. You may take it accordingly..

If you plan to take it in the form of CBD oil, it mostly comes in a small bottle. This bottle has the amount of CBD present per drop written on it. In some cases, the amount of CBD is written according to the total amount of oil present inside the bottle.

To calculate the amount of CBD you consume, simply divide the total concentration by the total number of drops present inside the bottle.

Consulting your Doctor

The effects of CBD vary according to the way you consumed it. Whether you take a capsule or apply CBD oil to the affected area, the result and effectiveness might differ. It may take an expert to sort this problem, as the method of dosage also varies from person to person. If you are inclined to consult a doctor, make sure that you consult an expert who is willing to write down a prescription for you. Are you wondering why I said an expert? Because many doctors do not confidently recommend CBD to their patients due to some state laws. Moreover, the FDA also does not regulate this medicine, so finding the right source can also be an issue for the doctor.

Fortunately, if your doctor does offer you a medical prescription for using CBD, you should make sure to follow the plan strictly.

Lastly, make sure that using CBD is legal in your state, as it is still illegal to use marijuana extracted CBD in most of the states. On the other hand, hemp-extracted CBD is legal due to the Federal Farm Bill of 2018 classifies Hemp as an industrial crop, making the CBD extracted from hemp legal in all 50 states.

Overall, the usage of CBD depends on your overall health. The overdose of CBD may give you many bad side effects. However, if you do not use the adequate amount of CBD, you may not reap the full benefits of CBD.